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Countertop Microwave Ovens

1.8 cu. ft. 1100W Sharp Stainless Steel Countertop Microwave Oven with Black Mirror Door (SMC1843CM)

  • Premium Blue LED Display
  • Convenient "+30 sec" Key for Instant Start
  • 15" Carousel® Turntable for Even Cooking and Reheating 
  • Express Cook for One-Touch Cooking Up-to 6 Minutes
  • Convenient Melt/Soften Function for Butter, Chocolate, Ice Cream and Cream Cheese
  • Optional Sharp Trim Kit (Stainless Steel Finish Only)


YOU PAY: $199.99
Maximum Purchase:
3 units

1.8 cu. ft. Sharp Stainless Steel Countertop Microwave Oven with Black Mirror Door

Our family-sized model, the Sharp SMC1843CM microwave oven, features 1.8 cu. ft. of cooking capacity to cook behind its black mirror door. Perfect for heating large portions of food, this stainless steel microwave oven can be built-in and also fits nicely on a countertop. 1100 Watts of power give you rapid reheating and fast cooking. Modern, brushed stainless steel finish and black mirror door complement your style.

With decades of experience designing smart, modern microwave ovens, it's easy to see why cooks throughout the world trust Sharp Carousel. Browse our full range of Sharp countertop microwave ovens to find the right model for your home.

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