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Commercial Microwave Ovens

Sharp TwinTouch 1200 Watt Commercial Microwave Oven with Dual TouchPads (RCD1200M)

  • 0.75 Cubic-Foot Capacity - with the Same High-Quality Stainless-Steel Interior and Exterior
  • Manual and Memory Programming – Has 10 Pre-Programmed Memory Pads that Easily Convert up to 100 Memories or can be Programmed Manually for Special Needs or Times
  • 4-Stage Programming – Enables Users to Program in 4 Stages with Different Power Levels and Cooking Time
  • Double/Triple Quantity Pads – Automatically Adjusts to Provide Optimum Heating Times for Two or Three Portions
  • Self-Diagnostics, Auto Voltage Sensor, and Interior Exhaust Fan- All Help to Improve the Unit’s Lifespan

Sharp Twintouch™ 1200 Watt Commercial Microwave Oven with Dual TouchPads

Sharp's new 1,200-watt RCD1200M Heavy-Duty Commercial Microwave Oven features TwinTouch™ dual controls that are easy to reach whether you place the microwave on a high or low shelf. The compact footprint takes up less space, yet the larger interior capacity fits one 1/2-size pan in either direction or two 1/3-size pans. Built for durability and easy maintenance, it is ideal for the high-volume needs of fast food or full-service restaurants, hospitals, nursing homes, schools, and cafeterias.

Having a kitchen with stacked appliances or high counters can make it difficult for workers to maintain efficiency— especially when quick cooking and high volume are essential. The answer? Sharp TwinTouch™ microwave ovens, like our RCD1200M models, feature dual touch-sensitive control panels: one on the top, and one on the bottom, allowing users of virtually any height to easily operate it, regardless of placement.

The improved accessibility of the Sharp Twintouch™ 1,200-watt commercial microwave oven can boost both efficiency and productivity, while also increasing safety. Appliances, particularly microwave ovens, are often stacked to save valuable counter space. Placement of control panels at the top of many microwave ovens makes it difficult for many staff members to reach. They sometimes resort to using tools or other objects to reach and operate the oven, creating dangerous situations. Sharp RCD1200M TwinTouch Commercial Microwave Ovens were designed in response to concerns over both the functionality and the safety of today’s kitchens.

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